"Hands down... my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE soaps are the all natural handmade soaps from Soap for Sinners.  The moisture level is UNREAL.  I rarely need to apply moisturizer after I shower.  I use the charcoal bar twice a day and my face is never dry... breakouts are minimal and I never feel like I have leftover soap residue on my skin."

"I ordered the charcoal and the teatree lemon honey.  I will never use another soap again.  They make my skin feel great.  And my face has cleared up!"

"Not only are the soaps appealing because of their aromas but when I gave them as gifts to my friends of faith, the room became filled with laughter and smiles.  What more can you ask for?"

"Best soaps out there!  Don't even need to use a moisturizer after I shower!"

"Best soap ever!" Gentle on the skin and smells great!"

"Bought the sample set for my boss and she loved it!"

"I absolutely love these soaps.  There is no other like it!  It is by far the best soap ever.  Leaves your skin smooth.  I love it!"

"This soap leaves you feeling clean, refreshed, and energized, without leaving behind any grease, overpowering fragrance or over drying your skin.  #1 soap!"

"After using your charcoal soap for one week, I don't need the prescription cream for dermatitis. This stuff is so good! Thank you!"

"Soap for Sinners seriously exceeded my expectations. The soap I used smelled amazing and was exfoliating without being too rough. It was my first time using an all natural soap and I don't think I am going to go back to the name brands that leave your skin dry and rough. I'll definitely be buying from Soap for Sinners again and become a regular customer! I recommend everyone to give it a try because I was surely pleased." 

"I just used your soap for the first time, seriously love it!!! It smells so good and it scratched my back for me too, i guess that means exfoliated, so awesome!!" 

"I used the coffee scrub soap and I LOVED it. It doesn't dry out my skin and leaves me feeling so smooth and clean! Not much of a smell to it - very close to unscented, which I also love. :) GREAT product!!" 

"I love natural and handmade body products, and I like to support local businesses in Jersey City, so it's no surprise that I'm a fan of Soap for Sinners. The soaps really are all-natural, with an effective (but gentle) base and no synthetic scents or coloring, and the customer service is excellent. I'm a happy repeat customer!" 

"I was fortunate enough to win a free bar of soap in a contest and WOAH, I will never use Irish Spring again! I waited a few days to use the handmade bar to make an accurate assessment.  I have the Zen Bar which is Lavender, Sage, Rosemary and Eucalyptus, and it's a total upgrade. Not only is it larger than mainstream brands I've previously used, but also, I (and my bathroom) smell awesome.  I feel more comfortable because my skin is as soft as when I was a little kid.  Thank you so much Soap for Sinners!!!" 

"man, those exfoliating soaps were off the hook!! can't wait to try some more!" 

"Your soaps are amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Will never use any other soaps again. If you have not tried these soaps- you need to NOW!" 

"Love these soaps! I'm ready for more." 

"Thank you for the soap! I think I am addicted!" 

"I bought some of your soap from E.Tittlemouse & Co. when I was visiting my friend in Jersey City. Love it!!"